Pet Pleasers - Dog Walking and Pet Sitting
Pet Sitting/Visits
An alternative to Catteries, Pet Shops and other Boarding. Available in Sandhurst, Crowthorne, Blackwater and Yateley.

Our Pet Sitting Service allows your pets to stay in their own surroundings. Some pets (but not all) become stressed and anxious, when put in a new environment. So why put them through this, when the majority of pets can easily be kept in your own home whilst you are away. This service is not generally recommended for dogs when you are away from the house for longer than a day.

Pet Sitting SandhurstWhen use this service?
  • Holiday cover
  • Puppy visits when you are at work
  • Last minute emergencies that take you away from home

What happens on a Pet Visit?
  • Feeding
  • Fuss
  • Playing
  • Clean ups
  • Household duties like opening/closing curtains, watering plants, putting bins out etc.

Please call the number below to discuss and arrange a pet consultation. Alternatively please fill in the simple form below or send an email to us.
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